About the Baseball & Softball Academy

    Located at Lambrick Park High School, Victoria, BC, the Diamond for Excellence Program is designed for baseball and softball development. This high school academy provides on the field instructional from our highly educated coaches and a deeper insight to the game through our science of sport classes. With a higher understanding of the game brings a better appreciation.

    Along with the physical aspects, the students learn team building and leadership skills. Bringing the students together creates a comfortable environment to push their own boundaries.

    We focus on developing five key areas. The philosophy we follow is to widely develop each student based around these areas.

    Program provided by
    Lambrick Park Secondary School

    Personal growth

    • Physical
    • Mental
    • Personal

    Baseball and Softball skill development

    • Game strategies

    Nutrition and Athletic performance

    • Motor skills
    • Bio Mechanics
    • Health and wellness

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    Partners of the Academy:

    • Maverick Senior Mens Baseball
    • Victoria Devils Fastpitch
    • LVI Baseball
    • Pacific Sport Institute
    • Alloyd Fitness
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